Thesis Advisor韩宁
Degree Grantor中国科学院大学
Degree Name硕士
Degree Discipline材料学

气体传感器广泛应用于大气环境监测、企业安全生产监控、室内污染气体检测、疾病诊断等领域。在市场上种类众多的气体传感器中,以金属氧化物半导体材料为代表的半导体式气体传感器由于制造成本低、易于集成、灵敏度高等优势,引起了研究人员的广泛关注与研究。本论文主要从铟基半导体纳米材料制备及气敏性能测试、气体传感器器件信号优化两方面进行了研究,具体研究工作如下:(1)以异丙醇铟和浓盐酸为原料,利用溶胶凝胶法加高温煅烧的方式制备了纯InOCl纳米片材料,并且应用于气体检测领域。我们研究发现该材料对甲醛气体具有很好的气敏响应,在200 ℃的最佳工作温度条件下,50 ppm的甲醛响应为45,具有很好的选择性(将丙酮、乙醇、苯、甲苯作为对比气体);同时湿度对材料的气敏性能影响很大,相同浓度的甲醛气体,高湿度环境下(80%)响应仅为低湿度环境下(20%)的八分之一左右。材料具有高气敏性能的原因是含有丰富的氧空位缺陷。(2)以氯化铟和氨水为原料,利用沉淀法加高温煅烧的方式制备了高比表面积(128.9 m2·g-1)的氧化铟纳米材料。对不同煅烧温度获得的样品进行气敏测试,发现在浓度为50 ppm的甲醛测试气体中,300 ℃样品响应最高(~ 30),这是由于比表面积不同造成的,气体灵敏度与比表面积大小呈正相关。对材料进行不同气氛处理,发现氧气处理后的材料虽然比表面积变化不大,但是灵敏度却下降了,这可以归结为氧气充足的情况下材料本身的氧空位缺陷减少;而氢气处理后的材料比表面积下降明显,因此材料气敏性能也下降。(3)利用场效应晶体管(Field effect transistor, FET)放大电路对气体传感器信号进行优化。研究了FET放大电路的放大倍数与测量电压之间的关系,在2.5 ~ 10 V范围内,相应放大倍数为4 ~ 11倍。将电路进一步优化,制作了以甲苯为当量总挥发性有机物(Total volatile organic compounds, TVOCs)测试仪,并对其实际应用进行了初步探索。;Gas sensors are widely used in atmospheric environment monitoring, enterprise safety production monitoring, indoor pollution gas detection, disease diagnosis and other fields. Among the many types of gas sensors on the market, semiconductor gas sensors represented by metal oxide semiconductor materials have attracted extensive attention and research from researchers due to their advantages such as low manufacturing cost, easy integration, and high sensitivity. This thesis mainly studies on the preparation of indium-based semiconductor nanomaterials, gas-sensitive performance testing, and signal optimization of gas sensor devices. The specific research work is as follows:(1) Using indium isopropoxide and concentrated hydrochloric acid as raw materials, pure InOCl nanosheet materials were prepared by means of sol-gel method and high-temperature calcination, and were used in the field of gas detection. Our research found that the material has a good gas-sensitive response to formaldehyde gas. At the optimal operating temperature of 200 ℃, the response of 50 ppm of formaldehyde is 45, which has good selectivity (combining acetone, ethanol, benzene, and toluene). As a comparison gas); At the same time, the humidity has a great influence on the gas-sensitivity of the material. At the same concentration of formaldehyde gas, the response under high humidity environment (80%) is only about one eighth of that under low humidity environment (20%). The reason why the material has high gas-sensitive performance is that it is rich in oxygen vacancy defects.(2) Using indium chloride and ammonia water as raw materials, indium oxide nanomaterials with high specific surface area (128.9 m2·g-1) were prepared by means of precipitation and high temperature calcination. Gas sensitivity tests were conducted on samples obtained at different calcination temperatures, and it was found that among the formaldehyde test gas with a concentration of 50 ppm, the sample at 300 ℃ had the highest response (~ 30). This was due to the difference in specific surface area, and the gas sensitivity was positive to the specific surface area. Related. The materials were treated in different atmospheres, and it was found that although the specific surface area of the oxygen-treated material did not change much, the sensitivity decreased. This can be attributed to the reduction of oxygen vacancy defects in the material itself when the oxygen is sufficient; The surface area decreases significantly, so the gas sensitivity of the material also decreases.(3) The field effect transistor (Field effect transistor, FET) amplifier circuit is used to optimize the gas sensor signal. The relationship between the magnification of the FET amplifier circuit and the measured voltage is studied. In the range of 2.5 ~ 10 V, the corresponding magnification is 4 ~ 11 times. The circuit was further optimized, and a total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) tester with toluene as the equivalent was fabricated, and its practical application was preliminary explored. 

Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
边毓智. 铟基半导体材料气敏性能研究及气体传感器信号处理[D]. 中国科学院大学,2020.
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