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Alternative TitleIsolation and Nitrate Reduction with Aerobic Denitrifiers
Thesis Advisor邢建民
Degree Grantor中国科学院研究生院
Degree Discipline生物工程
Keyword好氧反硝化   脱硝   施氏假单胞菌   盐田盐单胞菌
Abstract氮氧化物是重要的环境污染物,排放到空气中会形成酸雨、诱发光化学烟雾、导致雾霾天气、破坏臭氧层等;以铵盐、硝酸盐或者亚硝酸盐形式排放到水中会引起水体富营养化、污染水质、破坏水源等。生物脱硝技术具有脱硝彻底、反应条件温和、投资少、设备简单、运行费用低等优点。近年来,好氧反硝化微生物因其能在有氧的条件下进行反硝化作用而成为研究热点。好氧反硝化微生物具有生长迅速、适应性强、脱硝速率高、具有同步硝化反硝化的潜力等优势。耐高盐或高碱等极端条件的好氧反硝化微生物,在烟气和含盐废水的脱硝中具有很大的应用价值。本文重点开展了嗜盐嗜碱好氧反硝化微生物的筛选和脱硝性能研究。 首先,从碱厂污泥中筛选出一株高效嗜碱好氧反硝化细菌。通过形态观察、生理生化实验和16S rRNA基因序列分析,鉴定该菌为Pseudomonas stutzeri,并将其命名为Pseudomonas stutzeri BMEN1。PCR扩增出napA、nirK、norB和nosZ等好氧反硝化相关基因。通过条件实验,确定该菌最适pH为9.0,最适温度为37 ?C,脱硝的最适碳源依次为:丁二酸钠、乙酸钠和葡萄糖等。最适条件下,P. stutzeri BMEN1的脱硝速率高达35.00 mg NO3ˉ?N l-1h-1,且无NO2ˉ累积。在合成烟道气吸收液脱硝实验中P. stutzeri BMEN1能够在16 h内完全脱除140 mg NO3ˉ?N l-1和140 mg NO2ˉ?N l-1。 其次,从鄂尔多斯碱湖中筛选出一株能进行异养硝化和好氧反硝化作用的微生物,并鉴定为Halomonas campisalis,它能够在高达20%的盐度中进行脱硝。PCR扩增出napA、nirS、norB和nosZ等好氧反硝化相关基因。条件实验确定该菌的最适生长和脱硝条件为:以丁二酸钠作为碳源,37 ?C,pH 9.0和 4% (w/v) NaCl浓度。在该条件下,氮脱除速率达到87.5 mg NO3ˉ-N l-1h-1,68.3 mg NO2ˉ-N l-1h-1 和 8.33 mg NH4+-N l-1h-1,说明该菌是一株极有应用潜力的好氧反硝化细菌。
Other AbstractNitrogen oxides are major environmental pollutants. When they are emitted into the air, they would contribute to various environmental problems, e.g., the global warming, acid rain, smog and the depletion of the ozone layer; When ammonium, nitrate or nitrite are emitted into water, eutrophication, water pollution, destruction of water sources might be caused. Biological denitrification technology has great potential in the field of environment protection and denitrification with the benefits of denitrification thorough, mild reaction conditions, less investment, simple device and low cost. In recent years, the aerobic denitrifying microorganisms become a research hotspot for its advantages of rapid growth, strong adaptability and high nitrogen removal efficiency. Halophilic or basophilic bacteria have the potential in the treatment of flue gas and saline wastewater. In this study, haloalkaliphilic aerobic denitrification bacteria were isolated and the aerobic nitrate reduction was investigated. First, an alkaliphilic aerobic denitrifier was isolated from alkali plant sludge and identified as P. stutzeri through morphological, biochemical and physiological characteristics, 16S rRNA gene analysis. It was named as P. stutzeri BMEN1. The aerobic denitrification?related genes napA, nirK, norB and nosZ were noted in P. stutzeri BMEN1. The optimal conditions for aerobic denitrification were investigated. It could utilize sodium succinate, sodium acetate and glucose as carbon sources. Nitrogen removal rate of P. stutzeri BMEN1 could reach up to 35.00 mg NO3ˉ?N l-1h-1 at pH 9.0, 37 ?C. In the experiment of synthetic absorbed solution of flue gas, 140 mg NO3ˉ?N l-1 and 140 mg NO2ˉ?N l-1 could be removed within 16 h. It suggested that it was a potential effective denitrifier. Then, a novel strain capable of heterotrophic nitrification and aerobic denitrification was isolated from Soda Lake in Inner Mongolia. It was identified as Halomonas campisalis. It could remove the nitrogen oxides in high salinity environment. The aerobic denitrification-related genes of napA, nirS, norB, and nosZ were detected in this strain. The optimal conditions for aerobic denitrification were 37 ?C, pH 9.0, 4% (w/v) NaCl and sodium succinate as carbon source. Under the optimized conditions, its nitrogen removal rates could reach 87.5 mg NO3ˉ-N l-1h-1, 68.3 mg NO2ˉ-N l-1h-1 and 8.33 mg NH4+-N l-1h-1, respectively. Results suggested that this strain was a potential aerobic denitrifier for the treatment of saline wastewater.
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
郭岩. 好氧反硝化微生物的筛选及其脱硝过程研究[D]. 中国科学院研究生院,2013.
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