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Beijing Natural Science Foundation[8172043] 2 Key Research Program of Frontier Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)[QYZDB-SSW-JSC034] 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China[21522307] 2
National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China[51425405] 2 1000 Talents Program of China 1 863 Project [2011AA060704] 1
973 Program [2012CB224806] 1 ARPA-E of the US DOE[DE-AR0000420] 1 Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation[2192056] 1
Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission[Z161100002616015] 1 Beijing Natural Science Foundation [2142029] 1 Beijing Natural Science Foundation[17L20060] 1
Beijing Natural Science Foundation[2162032] 1 Beijing Natural Science Foundation[5182025] 1 Beijing Natural Science Foundation[L172046] 1
Beijing Nova Program [Z141102001814066] 1 Brain cognition and brain medicine of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission[Z161100002616020] 1 Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems, Hightower Chair 1
CAS Interdisciplinary Innovation Team 1 CAS President''s International Fellowship Initiative[2018VEA0005] 1