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Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Interdisciplinary Innovation Team 2 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG[TRR61] 2 MOST[2013CB834502] 2
MOST[2017YFA0204501] 2 National Key Research and Development Program of China[2016YFB0600903] 2 National Natural Science Foundation of China[21590795] 2
111 Project[B17003] 1 973 Program [2009CB903300] 1 973 Program[2015CB251401] 1
Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project[160104817] 1 Australian Research Council (ARC)[FL160100089] 1 Beijing Natural Science Foundation (BNSF)[2184126] 1
Beijing Natural Science Foundation [2142029] 1 Beijing Nova Program[Z171100001117076] 1 CAS 100-Talent Program 1
China National 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences [KJCX2-YW-M02] 1 Clean Energy and Demonstration Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences[XDA21070302] 1
Construction of Master''s Program on Energy and Power Engineering in Huanghuai University 1 Foundation for State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering 1