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Multi-scale Simulation of Discrete Systems With Multi-scale Supercomputer 会议论文
POWDERS AND GRAINS 2013 AIP Conference Proceedings, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, JUL 08-12, 2013
Authors:  Ge, W.;  Li, J. H.
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Gas-solid Flow  Gpu  Granular Flow  Molecular Dynamics  Multi-scale  Simulation  Supercomputing  Flows  
Fundamental study of cracking gasification process for comprehensive utilization of vacuum residue 会议论文
Applied Energy, Suzhou, PEOPLES R CHINA, JUL 01-04, 2012
Authors:  Zhang, Y. M.;  Yu, D. P.;  Li, W. L.;  Gao, S. Q.;  Xu, G. W.;  Zhou, H. Q.;  Chen, J.
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Vacuum Residue  Cracking  Coke Gasification  Flexi-coking  Fluidized Bed  Catalytic Cracking  Delayed Coking  Heavy Oil  Fcc  Pyrolysis  Petroleum  Yield  Model  Deactivation  Visbreaking  
Protic ionic liquids extract asphaltenes from direct coal liquefaction residue at room temperature 会议论文
Fuel Processing Technology, Beijing, PEOPLES R CHINA, SEP 18-21, 2011
Authors:  Bai, L.;  Nie, Y.;  Li, Y.;  Dong, H. F.;  Zhang, X. P.
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Direct Coal Liquefaction Residue  Ionic Liquids  Asphaltenes  Extraction  Argonne Premium Coals  Physicochemical Properties  Solvents  Dissolution  Components  Petroleum  Mixtures  Pyridine  Oils  Nmr  
RF Plasma Synthesis of Nickel Nanoparticles from Liquid Precursor 会议论文
CHINESE CERAMICS COMMUNICATIONS II Book Series: Advanced Materials Research, Kunming, PEOPLES R CHINA, JUL 20-22, 2011
Authors:  Bai, L. Y.;  Yuan, F. L.;  Zhang, H. B.;  Li, J. L.
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Rf Plasma  Liquid Precursor  Nickel Nanoparticle  Electrode Materials  Spray-pyrolysis  Thermal Plasma  Powders  Electrodes  Size  
Liquid product from hydrothermal treatment of cellulose by direct GC/MS analysis 会议论文
Applied Energy, Perugia, ITALY, MAY 16-18, 2011
Authors:  Wang, Z.;  Lin, W. G.;  Song, W. L.
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Analysis  Hydrothermal Treatment  Cellulose  Biomass  Biomass  Pyrolysis  Fuels  
Effect of the addition of cornstalk to coal powder/coal tar combustion 会议论文
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, Plock, POLAND, SEP 28-30, 2011
Authors:  Sun, X. Y.;  Yin, S. M.;  Wang, H. Y.;  Li, C. S.;  Zhang, S. J.
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Coal Powder  Coal Tar  Cornstalk  Combustion  Kinetics Model  Tg  Kinetic-analysis  Biomass  Lignite  Wastes  Fuel