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Preparation and Property of Ceramic Matrix Coating of Anti-Oxidation for Stainless Steel at High Temperature by Slurry Method 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research 卷: 105-106 页: 448-450, Harbin, PEOPLES R CHINA, AUG 16-19, 2009
Authors:  Liu, P.;  Wei, L. Q.;  Ye, S. F.;  Zhou, X.;  Xie, Y. S.;  Chen, Y. F.
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Stainless Steel  Anti-oxidation  Ceramic Matrix Coating  Oxidation  
Preparation of La(2)Ce(2)O(7) Nano-powders by Molten Salts Method 会议论文
, Qingdao, PEOPLES R CHINA, OCT 09-12, 2009
Authors:  Wang, X. Y.;  Zhu, Y. P.;  Zhang, W. G.
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Ceramics  Molten Salts Method  La(2)Ce(2)o(7)  X-ray  La2zr2o7  
Stable glass seals for intermediate temperature (IT) SOFC applications 会议论文
FUEL CELL ELECTRONICS PACKAGING Pages: 33-60, Scottsdale, AZ, JAN 24-26, 2006
Authors:  Zhu, Q. S.;  Peng, L.;  Zhang, T.
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Oxide Fuel-cells  Compressive Mica Seals  Ceramic Sealants  System  Metal