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Ultrasmall Co2P2O7 nanocrystals anchored on nitrogen-doped graphene as efficient electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction 期刊论文
NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, 2019, 卷号: 43, 期号: 17, 页码: 6492, 6499
Authors:  Li, KD;  Guo, MJ;  Yan, Y;  Zhan, K;  Yang, JH;  Zhao, B;  Li, JQ;  Li, Kaidi;  Guo, Mingjing;  Yan, Ya;  Zhan, Ke;  Yang, Junhe;  Zhao, Bin;  Li, Jianqiang
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Millimeter-Long Vertically Aligned Carbon-Nanotube-Supported Co3O4 Composite Electrode for High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitor 期刊论文
CHEMELECTROCHEM, 2018, 卷号: 5, 期号: 10, 页码: 1394-1400
Authors:  Yin, Yaolong;  Xu, Yong;  Zhou, Yu;  Yan, Ya;  Zhan, Ke;  Yang, Junhe;  Li, Jianqiang;  Zhao, Bin
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Scco(2) Assisted Impregnation  Asymmetric Supercapacitor  Carbon Nanotubes  Energy Storage  Supercritical Carbon Dioxide  
Nitrogen-doped graphene-supported molybdenum dioxide electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE, 2018, 卷号: 53, 期号: 8, 页码: 6124-6134
Authors:  Li, Pingwei;  Yin, Xuying;  Yan, Ya;  Zhan, Ke;  Yang, Junhe;  Zhao, Bin;  Li, Jianqiang
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Fe2O3-decorated millimeter-long vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays as advanced anode materials for asymmetric supercapacitors with high energy and power densities 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 2016, 卷号: 4, 期号: 48, 页码: 19026-19036
Authors:  Zhang, Wenkang;  Zhao, Bin;  Yin, Yaolong;  Yin, Tong;  Cheng, Junye;  Zhan, Ke;  Yan, Ya;  Yang, Junhe;  Li, Jianqiang
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Hydrothermal synthesis of Ni(OH)(2) nanoflakes on 3D graphene foam for high-performance supercapacitors 期刊论文
ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 2015, 卷号: 173, 期号: AUG, 页码: 399-407
Authors:  Jiang, Chuan;  Zhao, Bin;  Cheng, Junye;  Li, Jianqiang;  Zhang, Huijuan;  Tang, Zhihong;  Yang, Junhe
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Ni(Oh)(2)  3d Graphene  Supercapacitor  Hydrothermal Reaction  
Influence of annealing temperature on oxygen reduction activity of sputtered Co catalysts on vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes 期刊论文
ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, 2015, 卷号: 161, 期号: APR, 页码: 72-79
Authors:  Luo, Zhijian;  Zhao, Bin;  Liu, Yunmei;  Zhang, Huijuan;  Tang, Zhihong;  Li, Jianqiang;  Yang, Junhe
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Oxygen Reduction Reaction  Non-precious Metal Catalyst  Nitrogen-doping  Sputtered Co Catalyst  Annealing Temperature  
Effects of Growth Temperature on Carbon Nanotube Forests Synthesized by Water-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition 期刊论文
NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS, 2014, 卷号: 6, 期号: 6, 页码: 488-492
Authors:  Zhao, Bin;  Liang, Youxuan;  Jiang, Chuan;  Li, Jianqiang;  Yang, Junhe
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Cnt Forests  Temperature  Growth Kinetics  Catalyst Evolution  
Temperature-responsive magnetite/PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymer nanoparticles for controlled drug targeting delivery 期刊论文
LANGMUIR, 2007, 卷号: 23, 期号: 25, 页码: 12669-12676
Authors:  Chen, Shu;  Li, Ying;  Guo, Chen;  Wang, Jing;  Ma, Junhe;  Liang, Xiangfeng;  Yang, Liang-Rong;  Liu, Hui-Zhou
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Aqueous-solutions  Linear Polyethylenimine  Biomedical Applications  Ganglioside Treatment  Aggregation Behavior  Triblock Copolymers  Gene  Delivery  Polymer  Micellization  Systems  
Effect of ionic liquids on the aggregation behavior of PEO-PPO-PEO block copolymers in aqueous solution 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 2007, 卷号: 111, 期号: 6, 页码: 1327-1333
Authors:  Zheng, Lily;  Guo, Chen;  Wang, Jing;  Liang, Xiangfeng;  Chen, Shu;  Ma, Junhe;  Yang, Bin;  Jiang, Yangyang;  Liu, Huizhou
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Differential Scanning Calorimetry  Triblock Copolymer  Salt  Micellization  1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium  Extraction  Complexes  Precursor  Poloxamer  Chloride  
Effect of acid on the aggregation of poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide) block copolymers 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 2006, 卷号: 110, 期号: 46, 页码: 23068-23074
Authors:  Yang, Bin;  Guo, Chen;  Chen, Shu;  Ma, Junhe;  Wang, Jing;  Liang, Xiangfeng;  Zheng, Lily;  Liu, Huizhou
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Differential Scanning Calorimetry  Aqueous-solutions  Triblock  Copolymer  Micellar Structure  Mesoporous Silica  Micellization  Surfactants  Salts  F127  Poloxamer