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储热材料研究现状及发展趋势 期刊论文
储能科学与技术, 2017, 卷号: 6, 期号: 05, 页码: 1058-1075
Authors:  冷光辉;  曹惠;  彭浩;  常春;  熊亚选;  姜竹;  丛琳;  赵彦琦;  张赣;  谯耕;  张叶龙;  许永;  赵伟杰;  丁玉龙
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储热材料  显热储热  潜热储热  热化学储热  综述  
铁氧化菌对含砷溶液中砷沉淀和臭葱石晶体形成的影响 期刊论文
过程工程学报, 2015, 期号: 2, 页码: 307-312
Authors:  曹俊雅;  叶栩文;  杜娟;  赵欢;  张广积;  杨超
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Robust optimization and stochastic programming approaches for medium-term production scheduling of a large-scale steelmaking continuous casting process under demand uncertainty 会议论文
Computers & Chemical Engineering, Lappeenranta Univ Technol, Lappeenranta, FINLAND, JUN 09-12, 2013
Authors:  Ye, Y.;  Li, J.;  Li, Z. K.;  Tang, Q. H.;  Xiao, X.;  Floudas, C. A.
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Scheduling  Steelmaking  Continuous Casting  Robust Optimization  Two  Stage Stochastic Programming  Demand Uncertainty  Multipurpose Batch Processes  Continuous-time Formulation  Steel  Production  Plant  Framework  Industry  
Medium-Term Production Scheduling of a Large-Scale Steelmaking Continuous Casting Process under Demand Uncertainty 会议论文
Lappeenranta, FINLAND, Lappeenranta, FINLAND, JUN 09-12, 2013
Authors:  Ye, Y.;  Li, J.;  Li, Z. K.;  Tang, Q. H.;  Xiao, X.;  Floudas, C. A.
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Scheduling  Steelmaking  Continuous Casting  Robust Optimization  Two-stage Stochastic Programming  Robust Optimization Approach  Batch Plant  
Constructing a robust protein-protein interaction network by integrating multiple public databases 会议论文
Bmc Bioinformatics, Coll Stn, TX, APR 01-02, 2011
Authors:  Martha, V. S.;  Liu, Z. C.;  Guo, L.;  Su, Z. Q.;  Ye, Y. B.;  Fang, H.;  Ding, D.;  Tong, W. D.;  Xu, X. W.
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Improvement of artemisinin accumulation in hairy root cultures of Artemisia annua L by fungal elicitor 期刊论文
Bioprocess Engineering, 1999, 期号: 2, 页码: 161-164
Authors:  Liu, C.;  Wang, Y.;  Xu, X.;  Ouyang, F.;  Ye, H.;  Li, G.
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Plant-cell Cultures  Catharanthus-roseus  Sanguinarine Accumulation  Qinghaosu Artemisinin  Suspension-cultures  Antimalarial Drug  Shoot  Cultures  Stimulation  Elicitation  Induction  
Production of artemisinin by hairy root cultures of Artemisia annua L 期刊论文
Biotechnology Letters, 1997, 期号: 9, 页码: 927-929
Authors:  Liu, C. Z.;  Wang, Y. C.;  Ouyang, F.;  Ye, H. C.;  Li, G. F.
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Qinghaosu Artemisinin